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Thursday, July 29, 2010

$10.96 @ CVS ~ 2 Starbucks coffee, Bengay, Dawn dish detergent

purchased Saturday, July 10

$ 5.99 Starbucks coffee
$ 5.99 Starbucks coffee
$ 5.99 Bengay
$ .99 Dawn

- 5.00 manufacturer coupon Bengay
- 1.00 manufacturer coupon Dawn
$12.96 paid with $11 extra care bucks, $1.96 cash

- 2.00 received back $2 extra care bucks (CVS store money)

You will need to get a CVS extra care card to take advantage of all the deals at CVS. Just fill out the form at the register and you will be issued a card that you can use immediately. My CVS store has a red price scanning machine that prints out coupons when you scan your CVS card.

On this day I received a coupon for fifty cents off a Milky Way caramel candy bar. I looked at the coupon when I got in the car, remembering having seen some candy bars on sale 2 for $1. I was tired. I really wanted to go home. I got out of the car, walked back in, found the Milky Way caramel candy bar on sale 2 for $1, and bought it with the coupon.

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