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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

$4.48 @ Rite Aid ~ 2 Banana Boat sunscreen, Coppertone sunscreen, 2 M&Ms

Next stop Rite Aid. It was time to buy sunscreen for our upcoming family trip to the beach. Rite had a great single check rebate deal - purchase $25 of skin care items, receive $10 Rite Aid gift card, purchase $50 skin care items, receive $25 gift card.

I gathered up all the sunscreen coupons I could find. This particular week, Rite Aid had a couple of great deals on sunscreen. You can actually earn additional coupons by watching videos at This program is called "Video Values." Before I went to the store, I watched the video for Coppertone sunscreen, and printed my coupons.

$10.99 Banana Boat sunscreen
free Banana Boat sunscreen (store sale, buy one get one free)
$ 8.99 Coppertone sunscreen
$ .88 Coconut M&Ms
free Pretzel M&Ms (store sale, buy one get one free)

- 5.00 Rite Aid video value coupon, $5.00 off $20 purchase, earned by watching videos
- 1.00 manufacturer coupon Banana Boat
- 1.00 manufacturer coupon Banana Boat
- 1.00 manufacturer coupon Coppertone
- .88 manufacturer coupon M&Ms, buy one get one free
- 1.00 Rite Aid coupon Banana Boat
- 1.00 Rite Aid coupon Banana Boat
- 3.00 Rite Aid video value coupon Coppertone
- 2.00 Rite Aid in ad coupon Coppertone
$ 4.48 paid with Rite Aid gift card

The best part about this shopping trip is that when I got home, I presented my husband with the coconut M&Ms. He loves coconut. Then Christian mentioned how he wanted to try the pretzel M&Ms - so he got to enjoy those, too!

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