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Friday, July 30, 2010

$7.02 Profit @ CVS ~ Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice, Bayer glocose meter

purchased at CVS Monday, July 19

purchased at CVS Monday, July 19

$14.99 Bayer glucose meter
$ 2.99 Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice

-10.00 manufacturer coupon Bayer
$ 7.98 paid with $7.99 extra care buck, reduced to $7.98

- 5.00 received back $5 extra care bucks, Bayer
-10.00 send in for $10 manufacturer rebate, Bayer
- 7.02 ($7.02 Profit!)

I found the manufacturer rebate for the Bayer meter after I got home. I planned this transaction without it. The date on the rebate form was actually expired. There was a note to call the manufacturer if the date had passed. I did. I was told they would still be honoring the rebate. So, I sent it in and adjusted my cost for this transaction.

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