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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free with coupons @ Wegmans ~ Wegmans shredded wheat cereal, classic mayo, traditional ground coffee, lettuce mix; 25 small pkgs Lipton tea bags

purchased Monday, August 30

$ 1.99 Wegmans shredded wheat cereal
$ 2.59 Wegmans classic mayo
$ 1.99 Wegmans traditional ground coffee
$ 2.00 Wegmans lettuce mix
$24.75 twenty-five packages Lipton tea @ $.99
$ 33.23

- 1.99 Wegmans coupon shredded wheat cereal, free item coupon
- 2.59 Wegmans coupon classic mayo, free item coupon
- 1.99 Wegmans coupon coffee, free item coupon
- 2.00 Wegmans coupon lettuce mix, free item coupon
-24.75 twenty-five manufacturer coupons, Lipton, doubled (ordered from Coupon Dede)
$ 0.00

Each week Wegmans features coupons for two items that are free with a $10 purchase. The coupons are in the Wegmans coupon booklet. Sign up for a Wegman's card, and receive the coupon books in the mail. Or, ask for the coupons at the front of the store if you leave your coupon book at home.

This week they allowed me to use last week's coupons, too, since I was out of town last week.

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