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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Total spent in July

I missed my goal of a cost free July by $6.94. I purchased $1101.95 worth of merchandise. When I receive all the rebates I am filing, I will have spent $6.94. Here is the math:

$1,101.95 value of merchandise
$ 377.71 manufacturer coupons redeemed
$ 262.93 store coupons redeemed
$ 274.14 store rebates
$ 180.23 mail in rebates
$ 6.94 final cost

value of merchandise - based on pre tax subtotals, reflects store sale prices
manufacturer coupons - includes coupons from newspaper inserts & coupons printed online
store coupons - coupons from store ads & booklets, coupons printed online
store rebates - includes CVS extra care bucks, Walgreens register rewards, Rite Aid Up rewards & single check rebates, dollars off your next order coupons from grocery stores
mail in rebates - rebates from packages & coupon inserts to mail in for rebates

Here is a list of what I bought:

2 Rice Krispy Treats
2 Twizzlers
Sure deodorant
2 Oral B Pulsar toothbrushes
2 Banana Boat sunscreen
Coppertone sunscreen
8 M&Ms
2 Banana Boat sunscreen
Coppertone sunscreen
Crest toothpaste
4 Windex multi surface cleaner
2 Schick razors
Schick shave gel
3 Dentyne gum
11 Edge shave gel
Sure deodorant
2 Twizzlers
3 Dentyne
Aloe infused socks
3 Reach toothbrushes
Proglide razor
Oral B toothbrush
Oral B Power toothbrush
6 Lance cookies/crackers
2 Edwards Pie Singles
2 Wacky Mac Pasta
2 Helluva dip
8 Ortega seasoning mix
Ballpark franks
2 Starbucks coffee
Dawn dish detergent
Milky Way caramel candy bar
Renu contact soluthin
Oral B toothbrush
16 Mentos gum
5 Lance cooke/crackers
Celcius Tea
2 cans olives
Oral B toothbrush
Celcius Tea
2 Captains Wafers crackers
5 lbs lean ground beef
hot dog rolls
chili for hot dogs
four 8 oz. blocks cheese
2 Cheerios
4 Ortega seasoning mix
two 8 oz. blocks cheese
1 dozen eggs
2 Bounty napkins
2 packages Duracell batteries
Crest toothpaste
gauze pads
Biotrue contact solution
Sensodyne toothpaste
2 Duracell batteries
Crest toothpaste
Gauze pads
Sensodyne toothpaste
Wahl hair trimmers
Italian seasoning
5 lbs ground beef
peanut butter
Neutrogena Clnical facial treatment
2 packages copy paper
Mr. Sketch markers
mechanical pencils
2 Staples Photo paper
mechanical pencils
2 school glue
23 school gule
2 Twizzlers
Wegmans grape jelly
2 Twizzlers
2 Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice
2 Thomas English muffins
2 Hillshire Farms Kielbase
3 Daisy Sour Cream
2 canola oil
aluminum foil
5 lbs sugar
4 dozen eggs
8 Papmers baby wipes
STP fuel treatment
Armorall car cleaner
3 Crystal Light drink mixes
Nivea bory wash
Sigar in the Raw
2 gauze pads
Crest toothpaste
Compound W
single roll Scott bath tissue
Blink eye drops
universal remote control for television
2 Cheerios
2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch
B&B baked beans
Utz chips
Pantene shampoo
Oral B toothbrush
2 Post It notes
4 single rolls Scott bath tissue
Dr Scholls Arch Support
Dr. Scholls Rough Skin Eraser
Colgate toothpaste
2 dozen eggs
Wegmans everything bagels
4 Ortega guacamole mix
4 M&Ms
2 pantiliners
Celcius tea
Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice
Bayer Glucose meter
4 Purell hand sanitizer
Expo markers
Nano stapler
2 Oil of Olay cleansers
Cevergirl eye shadow
Covergirl mascara
Panteen shampoo
Dr Scholls inserts
Dr Scholls Rough skin eraser
2 packages G-2 pens
2 dozen eggs
2 Garnier facial cleansers
Motrin PM
6 single rolls Scott bath tissue
2 Garnier facial cleansers
Motrin PM
6 single rolls Scott bath tissue
3 Werthers candy
2 Starbucks coffee
Dukes maonaise
Wheat Thins
2 Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice
1 gallon milk
17 packages Schick razors
4 Papmers baby wipes
Cheese pbread
3 Edwards singles (pies)
2 packages top round steak
2 salad mix
8 Preg spaghetti sauce mix
4 quarts strawberries
4 lbs bananas
six 8 oz blocks Kraft cheese
1 single serve pie
5 lbs ground beef

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