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Monday, January 17, 2011

My favorite deals at drug stores & superstores this week

Here are some deals I do not want to miss this week:

Target (Supertarget) - First stop, because Target has deals on meat & cheese. Sutton & Dodge chuck roast is on sale for $2.49/ lb. and a coupon is available at the Target website for $1 off. Use a manufacturer coupon and a Target coupon on Kraft Touch of Philly cheese to get cheese for about $.79 for an 8 oz. block (check regular price at your store.)

Sutton & Dodge chuck roast $2.49/lb.
look for 1 lb. package

$ 2.49 1 lb. Sutton & Dodge chuck roast
- 1.00 Target coupon, Sutton & Dodge
$1.49 = $1.49/lb. chuck roast

Thanks to Collin at for pointing out this great deal. Read about more great deals at Target here at explains how to get a great deal on Kraft Touch of Philly shredded cheese at Supertarget:

$ 2.04 Kraft Touch of Philly shredded cheese (check price in your store)
- .50 manufacturer coupon, Kraft
- .75 Target coupon, Kraft cheese
$ 0.79

for coupon links read post here

Rite Aid You will need to have a wellness card to do these deals. Sign up for one at the register. Shop early in the week. Free items tend to go flying off the shelves, and sometimes up rewards change in the middle of the week.

I read about a deal here at The chili is free without coupons. The Hormel chili is a part of a monthly deal which produces a $1 up reward for each can purchased. Additionally, the chili is on sale for 4 for $5, and when five are purchased an additional $1 up reward prints. I tried this deal in Fredericksburg today. I purchased 4 cans of chili, paid (with $5 up rewards) and received back $5 up rewards (one for each can of chili, and one more for purchasing 4 for $5.) Read the krazycouponlady post, print your coupons, and you will end up with chili that is "better than free," meaning that you will actually get back more in store credit than you pay.

how to get free chili without coupons:

$ 5.00 4 cans of Hormel chili, with beans or without beans, @ $1.25 each
pay $5, with up rewards if you have them
- 5.00 receive back $5 in up rewards
free final cost of the chili is $0.00

TGIF snacks are free, also:

$ 0.97 TGIF snacks (so far I have received up rewards for Mozzarella sticks & potato skins)
- 1.00 receive back $1 up reward for food & snacks (look for sign on shelf)
- 0.03 actually receive back more in store credit than you pay

Both the $0.97 sale price and the $1 up reward are advertised on the shelf tags in the stores where I shopped.

Old El Paso refried beans (and other food items) are on sale 10 for $10. A $2 up reward prints when you buy 10, so that works out to $.80 per can.

$10.00 ten cans of refried beans @ $1 each, pay $10
- 2.00 receive back $2 up reward
$ 8.00 final price $8.00 for 10, or, $.80 each

A coupon for $.60 off 2 cans is available here.

If you are able to print 5 coupons, and if you can find 10 cans in one store, then you can do this:

$10.00 10 cans Old El Paso refried beans @ $1 each
- 3.00 5 manufacturer coupons for $.60 off 2 cans Old El Paso refried beans
$ 7.00 pay $7
- 2.00 receive back up reward for $2
$ 5.00 for 10 cans final price, or, $.50 per can. This is a stock up price for me.

It will be a real challenge to find 10 cans of refried beans in one store. If you cannot find 10 cans, ask for a rain check. One of the Rite Aid stores where I shop would write the rain check for the price after the up reward was printed, so they would write me a rainchcheck for refried beans for $.80 per can. Then, when they were on the shelf, I could purchase them in multiples of 2 with the coupons.

Walgreens On to Walgreens. Two "biggies" on my list this week - Gilette Profusion razor & Starbucks coffee. The razors are on sale for $9.99, and a register reward for $5 prints at the end of the transaction. Use the $4 off coupon from the December Proctor & Gamble coupon insert and you can get the razors for a final price of $.99.

$ 9.99 Gillette Profusion razor
- 4.00 manufacturer coupon, Gillette, January Proctor & Gamble coupon insert
$ 5.99 pay $5.99. Use a register reward if you have one.
- 5.00 receive back a register reward for $5.00
$ .99 final price $.99

I already "spent" all of my $4 off Gillette Profusion coupons, and I am considering ordering more from Coupons & Things by Dede. (See my sidebar.) I am thinking of ordering coupons for $1 off Starbucks coffee, also.

If I get the coupons, then, after the above transaction, I will have a register reward for $5. Then I can do this:

$ 6.49 Starbucks coffee
- 1.00 manufacturer coupon 11/21/10 Smart Source coupon insert (or order online)
$ 5.49 plus sales tax, pay with $5 register reward, $.49 cash.

Now, for $6.48 out of pocket I have purchased a Gillette Profusion razor & a package of Starbucks coffee.

Walgreens has advertised Skippy peanut butter. This is a good price if you need peanut butter.

One more good deal on Chloraseptic - buy 2 for $3.99 each, use 2 $1 coupons, and get back a $5 register reward, so the final cost is $.98 for both. Read the details of this deal and other great deals at Walgreens here at


I read about free fish food at Walmart here at I hope I can use the $2 off coupons I printed to get free fish food at Walmart. is reporting here (scroll down) that Bic Triumph pens free at Walmart after the $2 coupon in the 1/09 Smart Source coupon insert. I have clipped my Bic Triumph coupons so if I have time to stop at Walmart I can see if the pens are free after coupons at my store.

update - I could not find Wardley fish food for $2 at my local Walmart, or Bic Triumph pens for $1.99 at my local Walmart store.

CVS You will need a CVS card to do these deals. Sign up for one at the register.

Crest Prohealth toothpaste and Orbit gum should work out to be free this week, after coupons are deducted & extra care bucks received. Here are the deals:

$ 2.99 Crest Prohealth toothpaste
- 1.00 manufacturer coupon from Proctor & Gamble 1/16 coupon insert deduts $1
$ 1.99 pay $1.99, plus sales tax
- 2.00 receive back $2 in extra care bucks
- 0.01 = an actual gain of $0.01 in store credit

Orbit gum is advertised buy one get one free this week. Go here to print a coupon for buy one Orbit gum, get one free. Use the coupon to get two packs of gum free with your coupon. You will pay for one with your coupon & CVS will give you the other one free.

Coupon links have been checked are are working at the time of this post. Some manufacturers will have a limit on the number of coupons that can be printed, and some coupons will be available only for a limited tome. There is no guarantee that all deals will work in all the stores.

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