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Monday, July 18, 2011

Milka chocolate bars free after coupons at Walgreens ~ savings on nail care items

Milka candy bars are 2 for $3 at Walgreens this week, and there is a coupon in Walgreens July 2011 savings booklet (look for it in the front of the store with the sales fliers) for $1 off 2.  Use 2 manufacturer coupons for $1 off each and your candy will be free after coupons.

purchased  Monday July 18, 2011 at Walgreens

$ 8.50 @ Walgreens ~ Revlon cuticle scissors, nail scissors and 2 Milka toffee chocolate bars

- 1.49  returned  Revlon nail groomer purchased last week  ($4.49 less $3 Walgreens coupon)
- 2.99  returned Revlon cuticle trimmer purchased last week ($5.99 less $3 Walgreens coupon)
$10.99  Revlon cuticle scissors
$11.99  Revlon nail scissors
$ 2.29  Milka toffee chocolate bar
$ 0.71  Milka toffee chocolate bar (store sale 2/$3)

- 6.00  Walgreens instant value coupon $3 off Revlon scissors, nippers, shears or brow set, July coupon book in store
- 4.00  Walgreens sale Revlon cosmetics and select implements buy one get one 50% off (see ad)
- 1.00  manufacturer coupon Milka printed online
- 1.00  manufacturer coupon Milka printed online
- 1.00  Walgreens coupon $1 off 2 Milka
$ 8.50

received a coupon for $2 off any Revlon beauty tool

I realized I used the Walgreens Revlon coupon for the wrong items last week, so I returned them and bought cuticle and nail scissors.

Milka coupon here

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