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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Macaroni and cheese and salad mix free at Wegmans with coupons

purchased at Wegmans Friday September 2, 2011

$11.08 at Wegmans in Fredericksburg ~ 5 and a half pounds boneless chicken breast, salad mix and 2 macaroni and cheese ~ after Wegmans coupons

$ 0.33  Wegmans macaroni and cheese
$ 0.33  Wegmans macaroni and cheese
$ 1.29  Wegmans salad mix
$11.08  Wegmans boneless chicken breast - $1.99 per pound

- 0.66  Wegmans coupon 2 free macaroni and cheese, Wegmans coupon booklet
- 1.29  Wegmans coupon free salad mix, Wegmans coupon booklet
$11.08  plus sales tax

Today is the last day to use the coupons for salad mix and macaroni and cheese.
Wegmans coupon booklet received in the mail after signing up for Wegmans card.
Wegmans coupons generally available for current week at Customer Service.
Next week's Wegmans coupons are for free peanut butter and free 2 liter soda.

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