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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shopping Wrap Up

Here is the shopping list I made using Top Deals.

Bloom ~ 2 DiGiorno Pizzas, 8 Breyer's Blasts ice cream, Kettle chips

Giant ~  10 GUM toothbrushes, 2 Murphy's Oil soap, 2 Playtex gloves, 4 Oral B toothbrushes

Wegmans ~ Wegmans baby carrots, Wegmans waffles, 8 Softsoap

CVS ~ 10 Dawn Hand Renewal, RepHresh tampons, 2 Charmin and 4 Puffs

Walmart ~ Earthbound carrots, 4 Simply Lemonade

Additionally, I had 4 Oral B toothbrush coupons to redeem at Giant for free toothbrushes ( I found the coupons in boxes of Crest previously purchased,) and 4 Simply Lemonade coupons to redeem at Walmart (I printed the coupons at, but they are no longer available.)

Before I started my shopping, I printed coupons for $0.70 off Softsoap here at Coupon Network, hoping to find a deal at Wegmans.  I also took a quiz and earned a coupon for $1 off any Earthbound produce product.

I spent $19.42 at Bloom ~ 2 Digorno pizzas, 8 Breyer's ice cream and Kettle chips ~ after store sale, manufacturer coupons and Miller Lite rebate for pizza.

I made an extra stop at Rite Aid to cash in on old rain checks I had for Oxiclean products.  I spent $ 1.18 at Rite Aid ~ 2 Oxiclean gel stick and 2 Oxiclean spray.

I spent $16.72 at CVS ~ 4 Diet Coke, Nabisco Crackerfuls, 2 Charmin, 4 Puffs.

I spent - 0.02 at Walmart ~ 4 Simply Lemonade, Earthbound carrots.

I spent $ 5.96 at Giant ~ 2 Playtex gloves, 2 Murphys oil soap, 7 Barilla pasta sauce and 14 toothbrushes.
And I spent $ 0.72 at Wegmans ~ waffles, baby carrots and 8 Softsoap.

I ended up spending $43.98 for 4 Simply Lemonade, Earthbound carrots, 2 Digiorno pizzas 8 Breyer's ice cream, Kettle Chips, 4 Oxiclean products, 4 Diet Coke, Nabisco Crackerfuls, tampons, 2 big packs of Charmin, 4 Puffs tissues, 2 Playtex gloves, 2 Morphy's Oil Soap, 7 Barilla pasta sauce, 14 toothbrushes, frozen waffles, baby carrots and 8 Softsoap. 

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