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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shopping Wrap Up

At Rite Aid, I bought No Nonsense tights, Profoot heel rescue creme, Prevacid, Malox and 16 Covergirl products.  When all is said and done and my rebate checks arrive, I will have $27.40 more than when I walked into Rite Aid ($10 of the $27.40 is Rite Aid store money.  The rest will be checks that I can cash.)  Plus, I earned enough points in a Covergirl promotion to order 3 t-shirts, 2 journals and 3 key chains.  You may review my transactions here. (total retail value of all merchandise $128,96)

On Sunday I shopped at Bloom's superdouble coupon event on Sunday and brought home 6 Tropicana, 10 Bush's black eyed peas, 2 Milo's Kitchen dog treats, 10 YoCrunch Greek yogurt, 20 YoCrunch yogurt for $13.13. (64.32 retail)

I made a quick stop at Supertarget and walked out with 16 packages of Extra dessert gum free.  Kuddos to my favorite cashier who just laughed when she realized I wanted to make 8 identical transactions in order to honor the stated limit on the Target coupons.  (retail value of gum $15.84)

I went back to Bloom today and bought 2 blocks of Kraft cheese, 2 packages of shredded Kraft cheese and a dozen eggs for $7.48.  ($11.12 retail)

We can earn gas points at Giant.  My cost reflects savings on gasoline.  I spent $15.37 at Giant ~ and walked out with 2 frozen lima beans, 6 Campbells tomato soup, 2 Johnsonville ground Italian sausage, 8 Classico pasta sauce, 5 Hormel Compleats kids' meals, Premium saltine crackers, 5 Progresso Italian wedding soup (regular prices total $68.90)

I also spent $ 7.79 at Giant and brought home 5 Johnsonville Italian sausage, 6 Bush's baked beans and 10 Pillsbury cake mixes.  ($49.75 retail)

I went back to Giant to take advantage of their "Fill Your Freezer" promotion.  First I bought 5 Edy's ice cream for $15 ($3 each), and received back a coupon for $10 off your next order.  I "spent" my $10 off coupon on my next purchase, got another coupon back, and then did the same thing again.  I paid $17 and brought home ~ 5 Edy's ice cream, 19 assorted Hanover frozen vegetables (asparagus, squash, green beans, lima beans, broccoli) $76.76 before savings

Finally, and probably the most fun of all, Thursday afternoon I ordered a Fiskars lopper, an outdoor thermoreter, mouse traps and a pumpkin carving kit from True Value.  After rebates and a store coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase, everything should be free, (sale prices total $25.99)

- 27.40  Rite Aid (will get back $27.40 more in rebates than I paid)
$13.13 at Bloom - Superdouble coupon day
$ 0.00   at Target
$ 7.48  at Bloom
$15.37  at Giant
$ 7.79 at Giant
$17.00  at Giant
$ 0.00  at True Value (online purchase)

total retail value

$ 64.32
$ 15.84
$  11.12
$ 68.90
$ 49.75
$ 76.76
$ 25.99

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