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Monday, August 24, 2015

Expires Tuesday Aug 25! How to buy 5 cans of Campbell's chunky soup for $8,45, get back $2 off your next order, and $10 in Visa digital rewards

This transaction turned out so well . . .
that I went back into the store and repeated it!
Tuesday August 25 is the last day for the $10 Visa reward code coupons to print out at the register at Food Lion!

Here's the deal: 

$8.45  purchase 5 cans of Campbell's chunky soup at $1.69 each.  Pay $8.45.

- 2.00   right now you will get back a coupon at Food Lion for $2 off your next shopping order when you purchase 5 cans of Campbell's chunky soup
- $10.00   right now if your purchase 5 items included in Food Lion's Rule the School deal, you will get back a coupon for $10 in Visa Digital Rewards.  The reward will go into a virtual card account.  The coupon says, "Use your reward online to purchase digital content anywhere Visa debit is accepted."
-3.55    That is like getting back $3.55 more in total rewards - $2 off your next order plus $10 Visa digital reward - than you payed for the soup to begin with.

After your first transaction, you will be able to buy five more cans of Campbell's chunky soup.  This time you can use the coupon for $2 off your next order that you got with the first transaction.  So you will pay $6.45 instead of $8.45.

You need not limit yourself to just purchasing soup.   Here is a list of participating products in the Rule the School deal from Food Lion.    If you want to "break even," and by that I mean to earn back the amount you spend in Visa digital rewards, then limit the items you purchase to items that cost $2 or less.  The chunky soup happens to be priced well to work with this deal.

Your Visa reward must be activated by 9/30/2015, according to the coupon printed at the register.The coupon also states, "Limit 10 rewards per household during offer period."

Theoretically, you could do this exact transaction 10 times, and each time you would receive the $2 off your next order coupon, and the coupon for the $10 Visa rewards.

In the end, you would have paid $8.45 for the first transaction, and just $6.45 for the following nine transactions.  You will hold in your hand one coupon for $2 off your next shopping order, and 10 coupons with reward codes that you may activate for $10 each in Visa Digital Rewards, for a total of $100 in Visa rewards.

So, what can you do with Visa Digital Rewards?  I wanted to know a little of how they worked before I shared this information with you.  So, I went to my favorite online store, Chico's, and ordered a $10 e gift card for myself.  It arrived in my inbox this evening, and I used it on an order I placed.

The following information is from the Food Lion website:

"You can use this Virtual Card Account for online shopping wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. This is exclusively an online Virtual Card Account and cannot be used to make purchases in physical stores. Account is limited to only ecommerce or mail/telephone order."

After the $10 reward code coupon prints at checkout, you will have to go to the Food Lion website and follow the instructions there to activate your reward.

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