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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

savings at CVS

purchased Tuesday November 15, 2011 at CVS

Hubby brought me a receipt a while back with $5 extra care bucks printed at the bottom from previous Covergirl transactions posted here.  The $5 extra care buck was expiring today, so I went to CVS.

I bought a gallon of milk and a small Gilette Fusion shave gel.  I got back $1.52 more in extra care bucks than I paid.

$ 2.37  Gilette Fusion shave gel
$ 4.09  gallon 2% milk
$ 6.48
- 1.00  manufacturer coupon Gilette 10/30/2011 Proctor and Gamble coupon insert
- 5.00  CVS extra care bucks from Covergirl purchases earlier this month
$ 0.48 
- 2.00  received $2 extra care buck, Gilette
- 1.52

For my own accounting purposes, I usually include CVS extra care bucks as part of my payment, not as a coupon.  Then when I get extra care bucks back, I deduct that from the amount that I paid.  The $5 extra care bucks I used in this transaction is an exception, because when it did not print at the time I made the Covergirl purchases, and I did not deduct it from the total I paid then.

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