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Friday, November 18, 2011

Shopping Wrap Up November 10 - 17, 2011

This week I brought home

2 Peak 1 million candlepower flashlights from Pep Boys
Cuturelle probiotic
2 Ocean Spray cranberry sauce
3 packages gum
2 Almay mascara
3 Theraflu with Lipton tea
LA Looks hair gel
a gallon of milk
Gillette shave gel
Pep Boys
2 packages Starbucks coffee
8 small packages Tide
2 Pepperidge Farms garlic bread
4 Breakstones sour cream
2 Cracker Barrel cheese
4 Better Bowls pudding mix
and a turkey
peanut butter
salad mix
3 Keebler cookies, and
Goya plantains

I am out of pocket $20 for the flashlights, but I will get that back in a rebate.  I am out of pocket $21 for my purchases at Giant, but I will save that in a future gasoline purchase.  So for my accounting purposes, my final cost for all is $7.42.  Total retail value for $224.59.

The 2 Peak flashlights I purchased at Pep Boys will be free after mail in rebates.  Purchase by November 23..  I paid $19.98 for 2, and will get back $19.98 in rebates.  Retail value $29.98.  Final cost $0.00

Rite Aid

In 5 separate transactions, I purchased Cuturelle probiotic, Estroven, 2 Ocean Spray cranberry sauce, 3 packages of gum, 2 Almay mascara, 3 Theraflu with Lipton tea and LA Looks hair gel.  I started my trip with a $10 up reward.  I spent the $10 up reward, and $3 cash.  I walked out with $16 in up rewards.  So, counting cash and up rewards, I have $3 more than I started with.  You may view my Rite Aid transactions here.  Total retail value $104.95.  Final cost -$3.00 up rewards


I bought a gallon of milk and a small Gilette Fusion shave gel.  I got back $1.52 more in extra care bucks than I paid. My CVS transaction is posted here.  Retail value $5.46  Final cost  -$1.52 extra care bucks


At Walmart I paid $7.72 after coupons for 2 packages of Starbucks coffee and 8 packages of Tide.   Retail value $15.70.  Final cost $7.72

I spent $21.12 at Giant for 2 Pepperidge Farms garlic bread, 4 sour cream, 2 Cracker Barrel cheese, cream cheese, 4 pudding mixes and a turkey..  I anticipate saving $21 at the gasoline pump, bringing my final cost to $0.14.  Retail value $61.85.  Final cost $0.14


I paid $3.56 at Wegmans for peanut butter, salad mix, 3 packages Keebler cookies and Goya plantains.
Retail value $11.65. Final cost $3.56

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