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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Analysis of a freebie deal at CVS

Here are the steps I followed to receive free body wash at CVS.

One of my favorite stores to find deals at CVS is IheartCVS. The author researches upcoming deals at CVS, and posts them. For instance, read about free Propel next week at cVS here.

Last week I read about an upcoming deal for free body wash at CVS.

Here's the deal:

$14.00. Four Irish Spring body wash @ $3.50
-  8.00   Four coupons from the July 26 Smart Source coupon insert
-  6.00.    Get back $6 in CVS extra care bucks to spend later on just about anything in the store.

$1.29.  Paper mate pens
- 0.55.   Coupon from July 26 Smart Source coupon insert
- 1.00.      Coupon printing from red coupon when CVS card is scanned

Learning about upcoming freebies allows time to order coupons from coupon clipping services.  I ordered coupons from MyCouponHunter for the upcoming free body wash and paper mate pens deals at CVS, and ordered a few coupons to share.

When I scanned my CVS card at the store, I got an unexpected bonus, a coupon for $2 off $11 body wash, so I was able to pay just $4 for four Irish Spring products, and get back $6 in extra care bucks.

In the end, three of us were able to purchase $32 in Irish Spring products, and $3.87 in Papermate pens. Collectively, we paid just $16, prior to sales tax, and got back $$18 in CVS extra care bucks!

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